Culinary alchemy in the heart of the mediterranean.

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Bagatto, a conceptual masterpiece nestled in the imaginative center of Carloforte. This case study represents the pinnacle of culinary enchantment in the realm of Sardinian fine dining. Bagatto, drawing its name from the Tarot card 'Il Bagatto' or the Magician, embodies power, resourcefulness, and a touch of the mystical. This theme is intricately interwoven into its dining narrative, where traditional Sardinian dishes are transformed, marrying the mystique of Tarot with culinary excellence.

Step off the cobbled streets of Carloforte and into Bagatto's embrace. Here, the whisper of history mingles with the scent of modernity, inviting you to a sanctuary of taste. Ascend the steps to our hidden enclave, where the warm glow from within promises an evening of culinary revelations and spirited tales.

A sigil of enchantment and tradition, suspended in the golden twilight, Bagatto's emblem promises a fusion of land and sea, an alchemy of taste that is both profound and elemental.

Within our walls, the rustic charm of Carloforte meets a serene minimalism. Each table, a private stage set for an intimate act of the dining ritual, framed by the vast Mediterranean canvas.

Receive your Tarot, a card drawn from the deck of destiny, dictating the unique twist your dining narrative will take at Bagatto, as each visit weaves its own enchanting tale.

Presented on textured card stock, our menu whispers tales of land and sea. Choose your adventure through courses that promise more than sustenance—they offer a story to be savored.

Rest your glass upon the storied 'denari,' stars that guide the Bagatto experience. Here, each coaster is a talisman, aligning your meal with an element of surprise and personal touch.

Bagatto is not simply a dining destination; it's a portal to an epicurean odyssey. With each visit, a new chapter unfolds, guided by the hand of fate and flavored with the spirit of Sardinia.

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