Dos Pistolas Tequila

In a masterful fusion of design and function, "Dos Pistolas" presents a dual-chamber bottle crafted in the shape of two intertwined revolvers. Not only a visual spectacle, this innovative bottle is engineered to hold two distinct tequilas. Standing proudly on its handles, the bottle boasts a unique mechanism allowing aficionados to pour their choice of tequila simply by holding onto the corresponding pistol. We're excited to showcase this exclusive preview, courtesy of "Dos Pistolas", as we gear up for the vibrant branding phase of the project. Dive into this blend of craftsmanship, creativity, and tequila passion.

What we've done

1. Strategic discovery and competitive analysis

2. Brand identity / style guide

3. Dual-chamber bottle design

4. 3D rendering

5. Design sprints to explore functionality

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