Kōrēkutā represents the imaginative spirit of fusion cuisine, blending Japanese and Lebanese influences into a cohesive culinary experience. Our design philosophy was to translate this harmonious fusion into a visual language that speaks to both the heritage and the innovation of the concept.

With a focus on clarity and elegance, we developed Kōrēkutā's visual identity to reflect the quality and creativity of the dining experience. The logo, signage, and menu design were crafted to be as refined and inviting as the flavors Kōrēkutā would offer.

The interior renderings showcase a setting that complements the menu—a thoughtful arrangement of space that is both modern and welcoming. We aimed to create an ambiance where the dining experience is an interactive event, and each dish is a highlight of the evening.

In the AI-generated interior concepts, we envisioned an inviting space that would resonate with the fusion theme, a backdrop that elevates the dining experience without overshadowing the cuisine itself.

A carefully curated wine selection promises to enhance the meal, each bottle chosen to pair perfectly with the bold flavors on the plate.

The menu design stands as the centerpiece of our creative endeavor, capturing the essence of Kōrēkutā’s dining narrative. It presents more than dishes; it narrates a story where each flavor is a character, each pairing an event.

To bridge the gap between anticipation and experience, our imagery curation was pivotal. We selected photographs that not only showcase the allure of each dish but also weave a visual tale that parallels the menu's narrative. These images are more than mere representations; they are invitations to a feast, capturing the vibrant essence of Kōrēkutā's offerings.

Our case study presents a visual journey through the identity of Kōrēkutā. It's a narrative told through carefully selected images that encapsulate the essence of the dining experience — one that we're proud to have conceptualized and brought to the fore.