ABC - The Prank Panel

Inward Studio proudly presents a glimpse into our exhilarating project for ABC's hit show, Prank Panel, featuring Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre, and Gabourey Sidibe. This case study offers an insider's view of our comprehensive design work, underlining the synergy between our team and the show's production.

Remote Collaboration, Real-Time Innovation:
Our journey began with a unique challenge: to seamlessly collaborate with the Prank Panel’s production team while working remotely. Utilizing our digital whiteboard, we engaged in dynamic, real-time brainstorming and idea exchange, ensuring that every creative insight was captured and every production need met.

Our role was to design a range of elements that not only aligned with the show's quirky, edgy spirit but also enhanced its visual storytelling. This included:

• Branding and Signage: We crafted distinctive branding elements and signage that were not just props but pivotal pieces of the show's set design, adding depth and authenticity to each scene.

• Camera Hides: Our designs for camera hides were meticulously created, cleverly blending them into the show's environment while ensuring functionality for the production team.

• Digital Assets: From on-screen graphics to thematic digital elements, our work extended to the digital realm, adding layers of engagement for the audience.

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